Change User Password via Command Line

Posted on 26th December 2012 in Windows OS

Open up a command line prompt (Run -> Cmd) and type the command “net user {username} {new password}”

You have to run the Command Line as Administrator (right click and “Run as Administrator”). Substitute {username} with the required username you wish to change and substitute {new password} with the password you want the user to be set to.

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First Android App

Posted on 5th December 2012 in Android Apps

I have created my first Android App – Plasterer.

The application was designed to sort a solution for a friend.

A very simple app to work out the area of a wall and send yourself a text with the result with a customers name (or any text reference you wish). Great for plasterers where once at home you can go through your days visits and work out how much plaster you have to make up and buy for each job or wall. Just as ideal for the home DIY so you know how much to buy once at the shop.

The app is in its initial stage so feel free to comment (good or bad) and I will do my best to update with any feature requests.

Quick Guide:
When you initially load the app it will prompt for your phone number as the top box, once populated it will never ask for it again.

Simply type the width and height of the wall, enter a customers name (or other text reference) if required and click calculate. You will shortly receive a text message with the details and result.

The app can be found here on Google Play.

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