Plasterer App updated to version 2.2

Posted on 11th December 2018 in Android Apps

I have updated my Plasterer application after a long time, the latest version is now v2.2.

Changes include…
Migrating from Eclipse ADT project into Android Studio (uses Gradle)
Migrated to AndroidX support library as part of switch to Android Studio
Converted project from Java to Kotlin
Updated to work with newer devices
Added space between colon and value when results are displayed/text to make it more readable

I wanted to get back into Android app developing so thought it best to get my old app up to standard. Android development has moved on a long way since I last developed anything.

Firstly you no longer use the Eclipse IDE, instead you now use the Android Studio (which uses Gradle).

As part of switching the IDE I updated some of the libraries which will soon be depreciated (hence migrating to androidx support libraries).

I got pointed in the direction of Kotlin as the programming language to use for Android app development due to the restrictions of Java so I thought it best to get it migrated/converted at the same time.

All that was behind the scenes stuff that took a few hours but nothing the user would be able to see so I did some other tweaks too, including allowing the app to work on newer devices.

Quick Guide:
When you have installed the app go to Settings to populate a Phone Number to send texts to.

Simply type the width and height of each wall and the ceiling, enter a reference if required and click either Display or Text.
You will shortly receive a text message with the details and result or it will display to the screen if you selected Display.

The app can be found here on Google Play.

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